renegade ops *update 3* -repack by sash hd [multi6/2011]

renegade ops *update 3* -repack by sash hd [multi6/2011] | 1,67 gb
2011 | pc game | eng/fr/ger/ita/spa/rus | publisher: sega | developer: avalanche studios
genre : action (shooter) / 3d / 3rd person

the earth is about to be under the control of a madman inferno (inferno), in whose hands the weapon was of enormous destructive power, and it's time to go to extremes. However, the government is paralyzed by fear and inactive, while the evil empire extends its influence. When the destruction of the world separates a step, takes over general bryant. It forms an elite mobile unit whose sole job is - to eliminate the threat.

at your disposal a wide variety of equipment ranging from tanks and heavily armed helicopters, finishing, and a huge arsenal of weapons. Destroy all that stands in your way - the only way to defend the freedom of the earth.

features :

* sweeps away everything in its path with powerful weapons and heavy armor in the game, combining elements of comic books and hollywood blockbuster.
* fought with a friend on one computer, or take part in multiplayer battles for four players.
* manage one of the four men. Each of them has unique skills, for example, skillfully handles bronekostyum (armadillo plating) or can cause a rocket attack (rocket strike).
* execution of combat missions in each of the nine levels is encouraged with prizes and awards, as well as providing access to bonus material. visual studio 2008 oem Get the best results in the online rankings.

features repack :
do not cut / no recoded
installed update 3
installation time - 5 minutes
author - sash hd

system requirements:
operating system: - windows vista / 7 (windows xp is not supported)
processor: - intel corer 2 duo 2. 6 ghz or amd phenom x3 2. Ghz or equivalent;
memory: - 2 gb
video: - c 256 mb of video memory and 3d-acceleration, compatible with directx 10 (nvidia geforce 8800 series / ati radeon hd 2600 pro);
sound system: - sound card compatible with directx 10;
hard disk space: - 2. 5 gb

max/msp 5. 1. 6

max/msp 5. 1. 6
size : 134. 7 mb / mac os x 10. 4 or later
max is the environment you use to create visual programs, called patches, plus a set of building blocks (called objects) used in those programs.
msp is a set of max objects for audio and signal processing. Jitter is a set of max objects for video, graphics, and matrix data processing.

max/msp can be considered a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia.
what's new in this release: [ read full changelog ]

club penguin game day! (wii) r
club penguin game day! (wii) r


club penguin game day | pal | wii game | 4. 3 gb
genre: adventure | publisher: disney interactive studios | developer: artoon
with club penguin game day! , players can experience the fun and creativity of the snow-covered online world of club penguin on wii for the first time. Based on the popular virtual world that's captivated millions around the globe, club penguin game day! Is a collection of fun new mini-games that will challenge and engage the whole family. Players can create a penguin, join a team and participate in a series of events, including sumo smash, java sack, fast freeze, sled & slide, and more. Each time players beat a challenge, they conquer a zone on the island. buy adobe illustrator10 The ultimate goal? To work together with their team and conquer as much territory as possible.
download (fileserve):

http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/fbbvezq/clubpeng. Part01. Rar
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nettuts+ premium tutorials: html & css collection

nettuts+ premium tutorials: html & css collection
english | 29 tutorials | mp4 | 1280? 768 | h264 | 30fps 465kbps | aac 76kbps | 2. 36gb
genre: videotraining

source files, bonus tutorials & more for all relevant tuts+ sites in one subscriptionvideo:
css noob to ninja
an overview of the awesome less. Js. Mp4
build a custom html5 video player. Rar
build kick-ass practical css3 buttons. Mp4
building_a_calendar_widget. Mp4
coding a complex design into css and xhtml. Zip
combining modern css3 and html5 techniques. Mp4
combining modern css3 and html5 techniques. Zip
create a beautiful website from scratch. Zip
css fundamentals css3 transitions. Mp4
css the very first steps. Mp4
design a prettier web form with css 3. Mp4
did ie get the box model right. Mp4
getting offline access with html5 application cach
how to build a beautiful calendar widget. Rar
how to build a newspaper website with a grid. Mp4
how to build a newspaper website with a grid. Zip
how to create a slider to zoom photos. Mp4
how to create a slider to zoom photos. Zip
how to c 9c6 reate a web-based drawing application using
implementing html5 drag and drop. Mp4
implementing html5 drag and drop. Zip
pure css reflections. buy adobe illustrator10 Mp4
subtle css3 typography that you
comptia linux+

comptia linux+ | 771 mb
genre: elearing

comptia linux+, powered by lpi, is a high-stakes, vendor-neutral certification that validates the fundamental knowledge and skills required of junior linux administrators.
comptia linux+, powered by lpi, consists of two exams, lx0-101 and lx0-102. The exams cover system architecture; linux installation and package management; gnu and unix commands; devices, linux filesystems, and the filesystem hierarchy standard. Professionals who pass the comptia linux+ exam can work at the linux command line, perform maintenance tasks, assist users, and install and configure workstations.
earning comptia linux+ is a stepping stone to vendor-specific training, such as oracle certified associate and novell suse linux programs.
a new benefit for comptia linux+ candidates is that they may choose, at the time they take the exams, to have their exam record forwarded to the linux professional institute. Certification in comptia linux+, powered by lpi, enables candidates to become certified in lpic-1 as well, enabling further participation in the lpi program if the candidate chooses. Please note that comptia maintains candidate-confidential records for all exam takers, for their own access and use for employment or educational purposes. Any choice to forward a comptia linux+ exam record to lpi is made only by the candidate.
the comptia linux+ exam is scheduled to be available soon in german, brazilian portuguese, chinese and spanish.
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/ujaj9wc/comptia. Linux. Part1. adobe cs5 master collection Rar
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/3vtmd65/comptia. Linux. Part2. Rar
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/vj9pwmc/comptia. Linux. Part3. Rar
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